One Crappy Show Off A New One Coming “Tiny and Toya” Not Returning For Season 3, Toya Talks New Show & Lauren London

Posted: July 20, 2010 by The Chile in trashy TV Shows

BET reality star Toya Carter dropped a bomb on fans when she revealed that her BET reality show with BFF and T.I.’s fiancé Tinywould not be returning for a third season.

In an interview with, Toya revealed that the decision to end the show after two seasons was mostly due to situations surrounding Tiny.

“I am sad that we won’t be back, but I understand why she made the decision,” Toya said. “She has her singing career, the kids’ group and a wedding so as a friend I understand her need for privacy.”

Toya did reveal that although there will no longer be a “Tiny &Toya” show, Toya will be starring in a spin off show starring her and her family.

“I did land a spin off show, based on me and my family,” Toya states. “It’s called ‘Toya’s Family Affair’ and Tiny will definitely be making some appearances.”

In addition to discussing her career plans, Toya talked about her relationship with Lil’ Wayne’s other baby mama’s, including actress Lauren London.

“We all get together and we meet up,” Toya said. “We want to make sure that the kids are around each other and make sure that they know who their brothers and sisters are.”

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