Dark Child Reveals Releasing A New Michael Jackson Album With Un-Released Tracks [Video]

Posted: July 26, 2010 by The Chile in Entertaintment News

Super producer Rodney “Dark Child” Jerkins has revealed that he will be releasing a new Michael Jackson album with new material.

In an interview with VladTv.com, Jerkins revealed that he has a lot of unreleased tracks that he plans on releasing as a tribute to the late great King of Pop.

Although it hasn’t gained official clearance, Jerkins states that the album will be coming soon.

“You know there is a lot of red tape, but it’s definitely going to happen.”

In the interview Jerkins and Ray J also recalled what it was like working with Michael Jackson.

“It was a blessing and a dream of mine since I was a kid,” Rodney said. “Ever since I was 11-years old, I knew I wanted to be a producer and I knew I wanted to work with him.”

Jerkins also states that Michael played a huge role in teaching him the business and how to publish his music.

“[Michael] played a big part in me learning how to publish my music,” Jerkins continued. “I knew a little about publishing when I came into the game at 16, but when I started working with Michael I was 20 and he taught me about buying publishing and acquiring a catalogue at a young age. So I started buying other people’s catalogues and I am still buying people’s catalogues and it was because Michael taught me the system.”

In addition to knowing the business side of Michael, Jerkins states that Jackson was a lot more down to earth than people thought.

“Michael was quiet with people he didn’t know,” Jerkins said. “But Michael and I used to kick it in Miami and we kicked it in New York all the time. When “Rock My World” came out, he actually let me test the single at the Ruckers in New York before the single was released; that’s how cool he was.”



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