Eminem Says Elton John Calls Him Once A Week To Counsel Him On Drug Problem

Posted: July 26, 2010 by The Chile in Entertaintment News

Eminem is speaking on his ongoing relationship with Elton John; the man he credits with helping him kick his addiction to prescription pain killers.

As previously reported, Sir Elton admitted to counseling Em for over 18 months while he struggled to get clean before the release of hisRelapse album.

Now with Recovery; the follow-up to Relapse in stores, Em says the music legend is continuing to offer him assistance.

He tells Spin Magazine that Elton calls him once a week and predicted that he’d become more aware of his surroundings once he got sober, a prediction he says came true.

Elton John calls me once a week. He used to tell me stuff like, ‘You’re going to start seeing certain things you’ve been overlooking’. And it came true. I’d walk around like, ‘Damn, that tree does look crazy, look at all those leaves!’ Things I didn’t notice when I was f–ked up.”

Em previously described their uncanny friendship to the Detroit Metro Times saying that John was someone he could“identify with” and knows how “hectic things can be.”

The two first established a relationship in 2001 when they performed “Stan” at the Grammy’s.



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