Nelly To Release “Tip Drill” Movie [Video]

Posted: October 12, 2010 by The Chile in Entertaintment News

Nelly is set to release a movie based off his controversial “Tip Drill” video.

The St. Louis rapper who’s working on a fitness DVD and radio show, is revealing his plans for his new movie and shunning people who criticized him for the video’s racy message.

He tells VladTV that he’s moved past the criticism he got for the video and questions people who accuse him of degrading women.

“What did I do wrong? I asked everybody that who didn’t like it…it may not have been within your taste but what did I really do wrong?…How did I degrade a female who suggested that I do it? How did I do that to someone who agreed to have someone do that to them…why wouldn’t you go to them and ask her?”

He also touched on arguably the most controversial part of the video where he swiped a credit card in between a woman’s behind.

He tells VladTV,

“This is my thing, you say something about the video…the credit card swipe came at the end of the video. You watched the whole f*cking video not being appalled and then the credit card swipe, “Oh my god what did he do?” You watched the whole five minute video!”

According to Nelly, a number of people were unaware that the director of BET Uncut, where the video was aired, was a woman. He also adds that Ray Buchanan’s wife allowed him to film it at her house and now a new movie is in the works.

“The director of BET Uncut was a female who loved the song because it was the number 1 rated show outside of 106 & Park…I have more women liking Tip Drill than anything. When we shot the video…the wife was insist that we shot at the house…Ray Buchanan’s  wife got us booked to use the house…the whole video was catered and celebrated by women and then the guy who did it got sh*tted on…….We talking about doing Tip Drill the movie…we got something. It’s not like that but it’s along those lines…but we’re coming up with something creative.”



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