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Woman Has “Big O” On Slingshot

Posted: August 11, 2010 by The Chile in WTF

LMAO CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT Woman Has “Big O” On Slingshot


Congress has taken a bold move with “The Crack vs. Cocaine”sentencing controversy and have decided to pass the “fair sentencing act”, which would lessen the penalty for the possession of crack cocaine and make it fair to the sentencing for possession of cocaine.

Since the boom of crack cocaine in the mid 80’s- The laws have been stronger against the possession of crack- a drug primarily used in urban minority communities and cocaine, used by middle to upper class whites.

The law, which was enacted in 1986, allowed an individual in possession of 5 grams of crack to receive the same prison term as a person convicted of trafficking 500 grams of powder cocaine.  If passed, the bill would also eliminate the five-year mandatory minimum for first time possession of crack.

“Politicians and the U.S. Sentencing Commission have for years acknowledged the unfairness of the system, but no one wanted to look soft on crime,”claims Julie Stewart- the president of Families Against Mandatory Minimums.

During his presidential campaign, President Obama agreed  that the  sentencing was unfair and claimed that “the wide gap in sentencing cannot be justified and should be eliminated.”

The bill didn’t come without any opposition, with Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas speaking out against the bill, saying the 1986 law was enacted at a time when the crack cocaine epidemic was producing a rise in violence within minority communities and that enacting the bill would be a mistake.

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., who sponsored the bill, brought up the fact that while Blacks make up 30 percent of crack users, they account for more than 80 percent of those convicted of federal crack offenses.

The bill is being sent to President Obama for final approval and signature.


Foxy Brown has lost her attorney in the middle of her assault case.

As previously reportedFoxy Brown was arrested after an altercation with a woman last week.  According to the The New York Post, Bruce Barron Associates withdrew their services right before Ms. Brown was scheduled to make a court appearance this morning.

Brown’s camp went into the courtroom with a plan to accuse Arlene Raymond as a stalker, but Foxy had to take matter into her own hands due to circumstances.

Foxy Brown asked the judge for a protection order today against the neighbor after a sidewalk showdown with the woman who landed the raunchy rapper in jail. But Judge Geraldine Pickett instead extended the order of protection already in place against Brown who was arrested last week.


Wyclef Jean is making headlines after announcing that he’s considering running for President of his native country of Haiti.

The Yele Haiti head has reportedly been considering a bid for presidency since 2007 when he was made ambassador-at-large for the country.

Now with the 2010 election on the horizon and President Rene Preval unable to seek reelection, Clef has released a statement to media saying,

“Wyclef’s commitment to his homeland and its youth is boundless, and he will remain its greatest supporter regardless of whether he is part of the government moving forward … If and when a decision is made, media will be alerted immediately.”


The world’s first man to undergo a full face transplant held his first press conference to speak about the success of his surgery.

The 31-year-old Spanish man, who is only identified by the nameOscar, spoke with considerable difficulty at the news conference held at Vall d’Hebron hospital, where he was operated on in late March.

The 24-hour surgery allowed doctors to lift an entire face, including jaw, nose, cheekbones, muscles, teeth and eyelids, and placed it masklike onto Oscar’s.

Oscar had to have a face transplant after accidentally shooting himself in the face five years ago.

The incident left Oscar unable to breathe or eat on his own and after several facial reconstruction procedures, he underwent the total face transplant.

Although the surgery was a success, the head of the surgical team, Dr. Joan Pere Barret, states that the man will need between a year and 18 months of physical therapy and is expected to regain up to 90 percent of his facial functions.

Oscar is reportedly already seeing vast improvement.  In the press conference doctors reported that he is now able to drink liquids and eat soft foods and has been able to speak for the past two months.

Doctors also report that Oscar has regained feeling in most of his face and is partly recovering movement of his muscles and had to be shaved because of beard growth.

Doctors were skeptical about the success of the surgery initially after Oscar suffered acute rejection twice — once four weeks after the surgery and again between the second and third months. Both times, the new face was saved with medication.

Although he has a long road to recovery, Oscar reportedly seemed relaxed as he looked out at reporters with eyes he cannot yet close completely.

His sister states that not only is his family eager to have him home, but that Oscar is eager to enjoy “little things, like walking down the street without anyone looking at him, or sitting down for a meal with his family. Doing things that all of us do on a normal day.”

Even though Oscar is reportedly the first man to have successfully undergone a full face transplant, a medical team in France announced a similar operation earlier this month, saying a 35-year-old man with a genetic disorder has an entirely new face, including tear ducts that cry and a chin that sprouts stubble.


Hater Throws Beer On The Game While Holding His Kids

Posted: July 26, 2010 by The Chile in WTF

Man Throws Beer On the Game And His Children

It seems that someone took The Game’s no beef kindness for weakness at a concert in Los Angeles over the weekend.

At a concert held on Saturday (July 24), The Game was closing a show and decided to bring his kids on stage to say “Hi” to the fans.

After both his children speak on the mic, The Game tells the fans to enjoy themselves and Be safe.”

“This is L.A. and ya’ll came out 1,500 strong,” The Game said. “This is Black Wallstreet, we are more than a label, we are a family and we love ya’ll. Be safe ya’ll.”

It is at this point a heckler must have thought the love fest was getting too deep, because that is when he did the unthinkable.

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In another example of when keeping it real goes wrong, Pretty Rickymember Slick’ Em decided to record himself addressing haters while snorting cocaine.

In the video, which was reportedly recoded at an undisclosed hotel in South Carolina, Slick’ Em tells haters to “keep his name out of their mouth, or else.”

“Imma tell ya’ll one time. If you keep talking about Slick, ya’ll gonna have to see Slick.”

In the midst of his rant, Slick ‘Em states that his “high” is coming down and asks for his “tool”, at that point after cutting a line of cocaine, he snorts it.

SMH, I don’t know what is worse, the fact that he was snorting cocaine on camera or the fact that he was issuing threats to people  looking like “Tyrone Biggums” from the Dave Chappelle show, either way it is sad.

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Snoop Dogg is issuing a video message to boxers Manny Pacquiaoand Floyd Mayweather.

The boxers are still “dancing” around the idea of getting into the ring after Pacquiao refused to testing to ensure he was not taking perform enhancement drugs.

Snoop’s not having it and in a viral video he told the Welter Weight champion how he really felt saying,

“Pacquiao take the blood test, quit being scared…get in the mothaf*cking ring. If you really a boxer show that you ain’t dirty…you bullsh*ttin.”

He also tells Floyd that he’s siding with him and tells Pacquaio to “holla at me in the ring…from the floor.”

watch the video


Trill Entertainment CEOs Melvin Vernell Jr. and Marcus Roach will once again be tried in court for charges stemming from an assault against up and coming rapper Bruce “Beelow” Moore for allegedly bootlegging the labels music.

According to published reports, the retrial is a result of the lawyer who represented the Baton Rogue Hip-Hop label facing criminal charges for allegedly interfering with a criminal probe by attempting to have attempted murder charges against Vernell and Roach dismissed.

Attorney Peter Q. John is currently standing trial to clarify to the courts why the witnesses and plaintiff in the case received a settlement after the criminal case was dropped and no civil case was filed.

Authorities suspect that the lack of cooperation from witnesses and Beelow were partly due to intimidation by Vernell and Roach, who allegedly harassed witnesses involved with the case and the promises of John who negotiated a settlement for the men injured in the shooting after the case was dropped at Beelow’s request.

Prosecutors also accuse the self-proclaimed “Thugs Lawyer” of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, perjury and theft, alleging that he had access to advanced information in the grand jury proceedings.

John is also accused of presenting false information designed to clear Vernell and Roach of the attempted murder charges.

According to John, prosecutors failed to present enough evidence to the grand jury, facts which would have shown that he legally negotiated a settlement with the two victims and has done nothing outside of the legal parameters he is given as a lawyer.

Although the initial charges against Vernell and Roach were dropped because prosecutors took too long to try the case, the pair will stand trial for a second time, facing charges of aggravated battery, aggravated assault with a firearm and possession of an illegal firearm by a convicted felon .

In addition to representing Vernell and Roach and himself, John is reportedly on retainer for the label and is the lead lawyer in Lil’ Boosie’s first degree murder trial.

Boosie, who has pleaded not guilty for his alleged role in the December 2009 shooting death of Christopher “Nussie” Jackson, is currently incarcerated pending his trial and under investigation for a possible five murders.

Vernell and Roach are currently free on $350,000 bond.