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On this episode of @chileandthechamp @paulwallbaby and @thechile along with @gu_heffner talk about the new book by Rap A Lot’s owner J Prince. We also talked about The Chile taking a drug test for a job and how it wasn’t the drug test that he failed lol Plus, we talk about the 2Pac case and the Houston Astros players that made it to the MLB All Star.

On this episode of @chileandthechamp, @thechile and @paulwallbaby talk about the tragic event that took place in the Bronx, NY with the murder of 15 year old Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz. Plus, they also discuss the #JohnHernandez trial and the outcome of it, Lebron James and the @HoustonRockets team.

OOn todays Podcast of Chile and The Champ talk about the death of XXXTentacion on Monday June 18 2018.Also they discuss about President Trump zero policy on immigration and the separation of kids from their parents at the border.

On today’s episode of @chileandthechamp @thechile and @paulwallbaby discuss a couple of controversial topics. First we talked about the controversial computer game that was allowing a player to simulate themselves as an active shooter or as the SWAT agent. We then discussed the tweets that were posted by Roseanne Barr that ultimately lead to the cancelation of the Roseanne sitcom.


On this episode of @chileandthechamp we talk about the school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas. This shoot was difficult to talk about as you’ll hear when listening, but the shooting really hit home. We hit the topic about all the talk with gun control going around and that infamous blame game going on too. We discussed the politicians that are just saying what the people want to hear, but they’re not doing anything to fix it. Plus, we also talk about the tattoo convention that was in town last weekend and also how @jjwatt stepped up and is paying for the funerals of the 10 fallen victims of the Santa Fe School Shooting. And finally, we discuss how Paul Wall and Cricket wireless surprised a lady. You can hear about it in our podcast. #SANTAFESTRONG

During this episode of @Chileandthechamp we are discussing R. Kelly, specifically, the #MuteRKelly movement that was founded in 2017 by two women who were frustrated by the failure to pay attention to the disturbing allegations brought against R. Kelly throughout his music career. R. Kelly’s questionable history dates back to his 1994 marriage with the late Aaliyah when she was barely 15 years old and his troubles continued from singer’s sex tape with his then 14 year old God Daughter. It’s 20 years later and people are coming together to put a stop to R. Kelly again. We have the allegations where he promised a group of young females record deals, but they are being held against their will. Also, the #MuteRKelly movement was endorsed by the Women of Color of #TimesUp and these movements are boycotting his music and pressuring companies to cut ties with him too.
Plus, we have the Premier of Paul Wall’s new song DTFO feat. Beatking.

On this episode of @chileandthechamp @thechile and @paulwallbaby talk about the Kanye West situation.

In this episode of @chileandthechamp, @paulwallbaby and @thechile first discuss the passing of the Nation’s former First Lady Barbara Bush and the loss of the ‘Austin Powers’ actor Verne Troyer aka Mini Me, who passed away at 49. The two also discuss the World’s first total penis and scrotum implant performed at John Hopkins Medical and lastly, they discuss Houston, Texas sports.

On this episode of @chileandthechamp, @thechile and @paulwallbaby talked about the Houston Texans’ owner Bob McNair and his comments on his interview with Forbes Magazine. The pair also discussed Floyd Mayweather’s caravan getting shot at in Atlanta, Cardi B’s album and 8th Wonder Brewery’s beer and like their limited releases People’s Champ Beer and Boss Beer.


In the latest #podcast episode, @thechile and @paulwallbaby discuss the horrific video that streamed live on Facebook showing the shooting that took place on Easter Sunday at a Houston, Texas gas station.

The other topics that were discussed were Laura Ingraham trolling the Parkland shooting kid David Hogg and the Black Chyna incident at Six Flags.

Oh, and don’t miss it, The Chile also talked about Donkey Punch, Blue Waffles and The Alabama Hot Pocket.