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Christmas Edition of the Show With @paulwallbaby @gu_heffner and @thechile.

On this weeks episode of @chileandthechamp #podcast with @paulwallbaby,@gu_heffner and @thechile the guy talk about @trvisXX (Travis Scott) #astroworldfest that he put on for the city this past weekend.

On todays episode of chile and the champ we talk about @paulwallbaby crazy weekend in Baton Rouge for the LSU vs Alabama game. We also talk about the voting in Texas and all the madness that comes with it.

After a ought weekend @paulwallbaby and @gu_heffner and @thechile discuss all the events that happened ranging from politics to sports and music stuff.

This week on the @chileandthechamp show with @paulwallbaby,@gu_heffner and @thechile the guys talk about the @houstontexans and @astrosbaseball. President Donald Trump signs the Music Modernization Act more at

Can’t believe this is #podcast number 26 hope you all enjoy it.

On the latest #podcast of @chileandthechamp with @paulwallbaby, @thechile and @gu_heffner the guys talked about why Gu didn’t having a bachelor party for his upcoming wedding. They also talk about the passing of Senator John McCain and all the drama with President Trump after Sen. McClain’s death.

On todays Podcast of @chileandthechamp the guys talk about a lot of things specially @paulwallbaby Back To School Drive and Bag pack give away, plus Paul and Gu talk about their crazy trip to Asia.

On this episode of @chileandthechamp @paulwallbaby and @thechile along with @gu_heffner talk about the new book by Rap A Lot’s owner J Prince. We also talked about The Chile taking a drug test for a job and how it wasn’t the drug test that he failed lol Plus, we talk about the 2Pac case and the Houston Astros players that made it to the MLB All Star.

OOn todays Podcast of Chile and The Champ talk about the death of XXXTentacion on Monday June 18 2018.Also they discuss about President Trump zero policy on immigration and the separation of kids from their parents at the border.